Day One

“I felt a jarring sensation as I woke up, not feeling in my extremities. A bright light shone above me as people in doctor masks looked down on me, no expression in their eyes. As my senses begin to come back, I simply grew more and more confused; I had died, I remembered dying. I had murdered a man and served my sentence, carried out by the state of California. I remembered feeling the drugs working, the horror in my face and my heart stopped beating, where was I now? Was this Hell?”

~Simon Bell, Paragon Agent

Simon was recruited as most Paragon agents are, given a cocktail of chemicals to fake their death and then snuck out of the prison with no one the wiser. Once they are safely back at Paragon they are resuscitated and have their situation explained to them, their life is the property of Paragon.


Day Five

“Training has begun and this is far more rigorous than anything at the police academy. My body is finally recovering from the drugs they gave me to fake my own death. Philip, the head trainer here, explained everything to me, and it seems I owe this place my life. I would have died a mere criminal if Petra hadn’t identified me as a potential agent here. Now I have a chance to earn back my freedom and serve my country. So far the training is simple exercises, and nightly meditation, it doesn’t seem that tough so far. Who knows how many people they have here, or how many more bases Paragon has like this one; I haven’t seen much of this place yet, our schedule is fairly tightly regulated.”


Day 30

“Our training has definitely picked up, I just passed my firearm proficiency test, 15 shots on a quarter from 50 ft away. This training is like nothing I’ve ever seen, a mixture of drugs, computer simulations, and one on one sessions with the trainers. Our meditations have been replaced with psychological sessions with Theressa, mandatory. I’m itching to get in the field, apparently the first mission is important.”


Three months later

“I’ve completed a couple minor missions, retrieving intelligence and the like. Philip tells me that this next mission is the one that matters, the culmination of my training. Once I complete it I’ll officially be a fully fledged operative, even allowed to take a residence outside of the base. I don’t know what it is yet, but I’m sure I’m ready; all this training will not go to waste.”


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