Belarus Embassy

That time you were gas maintenence

Mission Assignment: Recover the list of Paragon Agents from the Belarus Embassy in D.C.

The team procured a van and uniforms from D.C. Gas, as well as gas masks and the tools of the trade, they then proceeded to gain entrance to the embassy under the guise of a leaking gas pipe. After clearing out the non-essential personnel Junior Operatives Flynn and Dremwitz began investigating the building for signs of the list, while Junior Operative Volkov maintained surveillance of the front of the premise. Volkov noticed that the security guard at the front door noticed something suspicious, and used the disabling device in his pen to render him unconscious. Unfortunately, Russian operatives who were observing from across the street noticed this, and proceeded to intervene. Luckily for our operatives on the scene the Belarus security blames the Russians for the attack on the front door guard, and entered into a firefight in the main entry way.

Meanwhile upstairs Dremwitz was making progress on a puzzle desk in the ambassador’s office, which seemed to lead to a hidden door. While he was figuring it out, a second Russian climbed the side of the embassy and entered through the window. At this point Volkov had come upstairs, and he had an altercation with the Russian as he came in. It became clear that the Russian operatives were augmented when he threw Valkov through a wall. The Russian proceeded into that main hallway, and triggered the electric trap that Dremwitz had left there, rendering him unconscious. Eventually Dremwitz solved the puzzle desk, and with the Russian downstairs hot on their heels they made their way into the secret room, only to discover Lumen Barkley had blown open the wall and was leaving the room on a zip-line with the safe.

Barkley escaped into a helicopter, and the team quickly made their way back to the R-29 to pursue Barkley, who transferred to a jet himself. After a short firefight above D.C. Barkley flew to mexico with Sierra Seven in hot pursuit.



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